Sigma Mu Mu Chapter Leads National Pan Hellenic Council Loudoun’s 1 st Annual Blood Drive

On March 12, 2022 the Brothers of Sigma Mu Mu Chapter, Third District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,
Inc., completed their leadership of the first annual blood drive sponsored by the National Pan Hellenic
Council (NPHC) of Loudoun County, VA by donating blood and managing weather-related event schedule
changes. The event was held at the INOVA Blood Donor Services facility in Sterling, VA to replenish the
blood supply in Loudoun County and its surrounding areas. An early morning snow storm prevented
several INOVA staff members from traveling to the event so schedule adjustments had to be made. As
the only Divine 9 participant, Sigma Mu Mu’s commitment and leadership enabled NPHC Loudoun to
salvage the blood drive, and reflected Omega and the Chapter in a very positive light. The Brothers and
their families adjusted their donation times to accommodate others which ensured the goal of 25
donors was achieved. In addition to leading blood drive execution, Sigma Mu Mu led event planning by
securing the event date and facility. The Chapter also helped design and distribute the blood drive
advertising flyers which included a code to promote and track registration; this flyer feature enabled
NPHC Loudoun to confirm that the required number of donors registered and participated in the blood
drive. Brothers Leroy Ross, Zedric Teague, Brian Porter, and Willie Hassell were among the Brothers
who supported the effort.

Sigma Mu Mu partners with INOVA Blood Donor Services for the Chapter’s annual Dr. Charles Drew
Blood Drive, resulting in a strong relationship between the two organizations. Based on the close
relationship, Sigma Mu Mu’s leadership of the HPHC Loudoun event was welcomed by INOVA Blood
Donor Services and NPHC Loudoun. The INOVA Coordinator, Mr. Gino Pascual, gave many thanks to
NPHC, Sigma Mu Mu and the community for their service and a successful event despite the inclement