To know and appreciate the history of the Third District, it is helpful to understand how and why districts in general were originally formed, their evolving impact on the organization of the Fraternity, and their related and evolving function.

From the founding of Omega on November 17, 1911, throughout its first decade, Districts and District Representatives as we know them today did not exist. The Grand Basileus was solely responsible for administering all facets of the Fraternity—a job that became increasingly more difficult as the Fraternity grew.

In response to Omega’s increasingly rapid growth, in 1922, the Eleventh Annual Grand Conclave, which met in Philadelphia, PA, authorized the creation of the Office of Vice Grand Basileus. At the time, the Vice Grand Basileus’ primary role was to assist the Grand Basileus with managing the Fraternity’s expansion. John W. Love was the first to fill the new position. Love immediately focused his efforts on working with existing chapters to increase membership while chartering new chapters that would expand Omega’s impact and reach.

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