The Founders of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. recognized the importance of the intellect in all matters pertaining to the advancement of humankind.  As such, they made Scholarship the foremost of the Fraternity’s four Cardinal Principles: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. 

The brothers of Sigma Mu Mu see scholarship as an integral component of our chapter business.  Our commitment to scholarship is driven through fundraising events.  An element of our nationally mandated Scholarship Program includes the rewarding of high academic attainment by providing scholarship aid to students on all levels, and to work toward stimulation of scholarly aims among youth in secondary schools. Since 2011, SigmaMu Mu Chapter has awarded over $100,000 in college scholarships to students graduating from Loudoun County high schools. Our scholarship initiatives also includes a literacy program at the Sterling Elementary, called "Que Bucks".