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Sigma Mu Mu Chapter Kicks Off its 2023 Fatherhood Initiative and Mentoring Program Partnership With Loudoun County’s Young Kings Movement

On 14 January 2023, Sigma Mu Mu Chapter, Third District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., kicked off its Fatherhood Initiative and Mentoring Program partnership with the Young Kings Movement (YKM) of Loudoun County, VA by supporting the YKM Leadership Induction Program.  The Young Kings Movement is a non-profit organization that was created in 2020 by a local Leesburg, VA resident to serve as a “guiding light” for at-risk young men in Loudoun who need support, mentorship, and encouragement.  The program serves teen boys from ages 13 to 18 and provides mentoring, educational support, life skills coaching, and community service opportunities for the participants; currently, there are 15 “young kings”, as the participants are known.  The YKM Leadership Induction Program celebrated the accomplishments of YKM teenagers and introduced them to the meaning and importance of leadership. Approximately 50 parents, Omega men, local residents and community leaders attended this uplifting event at the Leesburg Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) facility in Leesburg, VA.  VIP attendees included Leesburg mayor, Ms. Kelly Burk, and Chair at-Large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Ms. Phyllis Randall.

Sigma Mu Mu supported the YKM event by donating sports jackets used to coat the young kings as a reward and recognition of their progress and achievement; coating the young men during the induction ceremony; and tying neckties for the teens which were worn with the donated jackets during the ceremony.  In addition, Sigma Mu Mu Brothers Larry Melton, Jr. and William “Kip” Ward served as guest speakers. Both brothers spoke on the topic of leadership, providing words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement to the young men.  By supporting the Young Kings Movement, Sigma Mu Mu is directly impacting the development of teenage boys into responsible young men.  YKM founder Ms. Harriet “Doode” Summers and Sigma Mu Mu brothers are excited to partner and help the young kings improve their social skills, academic performance and community service.  In a recent local newspaper (Loudoun Now, article entitled “Loudoun’s Young Kings Movement Grows in 2023”, Ms. Summers indicates that the partnership with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s Loudoun County chapter (Sigma Mu Mu) is an exciting element of YKM’s plan for growth in the community in 2023.  She is quoted saying “I needed some positive men that would be committed….Their (Sigma Mu Mu) support is going to be huge.  Our new hashtag is going to be brothers helping brothers”.

Sigma Mu Mu brothers look forward to serving as positive role models for the YKM participants.  Brother Basileus James Banks, Vice Basileus Trevor Browne, and Sigma Mu Mu Fatherhood Initiative and Mentoring Program chairman Brother Dr. Lawrence Smith, Sr. are leading the YKM partnership effort and coordinating future engagements with the YKM program leadership team as well as the young men. Sigma Mu Mu is planning for a long and meaningful relationship with the Young Kings Movement.