Sigma Mu Mu’s Que-Bucks Program Wraps up its 2018 Fall Session

Sterling, VA- The Brothers of Sigma Mu Mu Chapter in Loudoun County, VA. closed out the Fall session of their Que-Bucks Program with Sugarland Elementary School on Thursday, December 20th.

The participation level from the children of Sugarland was, and has always been, phenomenal.  The Que Bucks program easily involves 400 students, and each one was super excited for the close-out day to come.  Why?  Because it involved prizes, and what kid does not like receiving prizes?  Every child is in the running, and their chances get higher based on the discipline they maintain to read more and more.

This close-out summed up just the Fall session of the full school year program. During this session, the entire school read for nearly 9,000 hours.  The program spans from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  That involves 25 classrooms full of energetic kids that were eager to read as a part of the Que Bucks program.  The close-out involved a presentation of which a group of chapter Brothers presented Que Buck coupons in the amounts of $10, $5, and $5 to the top three readers of each class, respectively.  Each of the first place winners received another chance to win even more by having their names placed in the drawing to win an Amazon Kindle.

With reward comes great responsibility.  We not only gave the children gifts, we also poured into them words of encouragement and praise.  Some of these youth come from homes where they do not have access to books or someone pushing them to read, read, read.  The Brothers of Sigma Mu Mu want to continue to fill that void by being the bridge builders that we know how to be.  So we look forward to the Spring session and re-enforcing in the kids minds that there are no limits in life once you master reading.

Que Bucks 2018 Closeout

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