Sigma Mu Mu Chapter

2019 International High School Essay Contest

(A mandated element of the Annual International Achievement Week Observance)


 Sigma Mu Mu chapter is now accepting essays for consideration in its Annual High School Essay Contest.  The winner will be awarded $500.00.  Only essays postmarked or time-stamped on October 18, 2019 or earlier will be considered and reviewed by Sigma Mu Mu.


 This essay contest is open to all college-bound, Loudoun County, VA high school seniors.


 The essay must be original and neither previously published nor secured by copyright.  It must be between 700 and 750 words in length.  The essay must be typewritten, double-spaced, and prepared in Microsoft Word.

The 2019 essay title: “The U.S. Census projects that the United States will become a majority-minority country by the year 2045. How can we combat, prevent and/or reduce prejudice, discrimination and violence in a new, more diverse America?”

Rating Criteria:

All local Chapters will assemble a review panel to assess submitted essays based on the following criteria.  (Essays may earn a maximum rating of 100 points)
1. Development of Topic/Thesis: (30 possible points) Topic is well-developed (covers and develops major points, supplying enough information for understanding)

2. Progression: (20 possible points) Composition progresses from beginning to end in a logical flow of information

3. Readability: (25 possible points) Concise prose that sticks to the point and does not ramble (holds reader’s attention)

4. Grammar: (15 possible points) Agreement of subject and verb; proper tense; correct sentence construction; paragraphing,
including transitional phrases linking same

5. Spelling: (5 possible points)

6. Punctuation: (5 possible points)

The winner of our scholarship will be entered in our International Contest for a chance to win one of 4 College Scholarship Awards:

1st Scholarship: $5,000;

2nd Scholarship: $3,000;

3rd Scholarship: $2,000;

4th Scholarship: $1,000