The Brothers of the Sigma Mu Mu of Loudoun County, VA Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s mission is to diligently serve the community in which they live, work, worship, and socialize. To accomplish their mission, Sigma Mu Mu (ΣΜΜ) will do their duty according to the ideals of our Founders which began nearly a century ago and hold true that “Friendship is Essential to the Soul”...

The Sons Of Sigma Mu Mu

"Charter Line" 2013 “Everlasting 8 Sons Of Quad Alpha”
  1. Jeffery Q. Hammond II “Chicken Hawk”
  2. Gilbert M. Mack Jr. “Charlie Murphy”
  3. Sean Morrell “Dudda Man”
  4. Chadwick F. Carlton “Spotlight”
  5. Mark Byers “Gomer Pyle”
  6. Paul D. Forbes “Sid Mayhem”
  7. Carl Francis Jr. “Lil' Chris”
  8. Rod Tasco “Slim Jim”
2016 “Six Solo Suqers Of Omega”
  1. Robert Thomas III “Beetle Juice”
  2. Jermaine Coleman “Water Baby”
  3. James E. Banks “Mr Rogers”
  4. Edward Wilder “Segway”
  5. Jerome Smith “Jethro Bodine”
  6. Eric Martin “Green Mile”